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Five Great mixers for Rum that aren’t Cola

Banish the boredom of using the same mixers with your favourite Rum.

We’re all about great mixers you can add to Merser – whether you’re after a delicious cocktail or refreshing longer drink.

Ginger Ale’s sweet spicy flavours compliment the bold vanilla and caramel notes from the aged blends of Merser. Great for golden hour on a Saturday.

Soda water added to Merser makes a dry long drink. Although rum is often considered a sweet spirit, Merser has no sugar or sweetener added to it. So, if you prefer a dryer taste, then a classic soda water lengthens the toasted oak and tropical notes of Merser.

Fruit juices, such as orange, apple, grapefruit and pineapple, complement our well-crafted rum blend. Their tropical fruit notes pair well whereas the bright citrus flavours highlight the sweet mango and stewed pineapple flavours.

Most of us can’t function without Coffee in the mornings.  But it also makes a surprisingly great mixer for Rum, both hot out of the pot or chilled over ice. The rich bitterness that we love in coffee seamlessly fits with the rich oaky, vanilla and caramel flavours from the older Caribbean aged rums that make up the Merser blend.

Kombucha, a fizzy sweet-and-sour drink made with tea sounds like an odd pairing for Merser – but… trust us and give it a go! Its sweetness fits so well with the tropical fruit notes of Merser, making it a brilliant alternative mixer.

We hope you enjoy!

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